Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

The kids school is strategically placed immediately next to a nursery. So every year, the week before mother's day, I give my kids cash so they can walk next door with their classes to buy me mother's day flowers. This year, Belle "budgeted" so that she could buy me two flowers with the same amount of money as the boys. She bought the Dusty Miller (the white leafy plant) and the purple petunia, both on the right. Brady picked out the white Begonia at the bottom left. Bryce picked out the chicken and hens plant which is actually a perennial and does not actually die out, top left (knock on wood that I don't kill it). Bryce's plant will also "reproduce" where the small flowers at the soil level will continue to grow and produce "babies" that can stay in the same pot until the pot is full. (You can tell that I have learned something over the years from my mom.)
I got to sleep in Sunday morning, to a point, because Brady came in just before I got up to let me know that someone had called my cell phone (wrong number). I was left with a headache from being in bed so long. I got hugs and kisses from the kids and the opportunity to retreat to my room with Hubby to watch 27 Dresses that he rented for me (and was also due back the same day) while they watch The Golden Compass in the living room. Hubby grilled burgers that evening, despite some very strong winds. A pretty nice and uneventful day overall.

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