Monday, August 25, 2008

Four Months

School has started, homework full force along with cheerleading and strings practices. What else do we need to add to this busy season? Christmas music.

My kids are all music freaks. We love to have radios going a good part of the time. Belle even got a karaoke machine for Christmas a couple of years ago. She decided it was time to break it out and use it today as a cd player and her music of choice?

Conventional Christmas tunes. And she didn't just play them. She blared them.

Now I love Christmas and traditional Christmas music. I love to play it and sing it. But not four months to the day before Christmas. I'm going to have to break out something else to get the running tracks out of my mind.

On a side note - Got your shopping lists started yet? I don't.


Ladybird said...

Belle and I must be thinking alike. I was singing White Christmas all day long yesterday! LOL!

Ladybird said...

So this morning I hear a story on the news about Dolly I am singing "Hard Candy Christmas" in my head. Darn your Belle!

ShortyMom said...

Lol!!! It's in your mind now and your going to be hearing Christmas tunes until the actual season hehehe!