Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I've been having fun this week (there's some serious sarcasm in that sentence, be sure to catch it!). Belle has decided to become a cheerleader and practice started this past Monday. I paid a lot of money for her to attend 5 regular season games, 3 possible tournament games and a uniform. Yeah. I've still got to get her a pair of shoes, socks and a ribbon for her hair. She also started the strings program and yesterday was her first after school practice on the viola. When Belle started practicing when she got home, my mom was on the phone and she handed it off to Dad who were both glad that Brother and I couldn't join the strings program in school. Bryce's violin practice starts today after school so I will be driving to pick him up as well. Bryce is a second year strings student so his practice is on a different afternoon than Belle's. Fun.

The real fun came yesterday afternoon though. After driving out to the middle school to get Belle, we were driving around a bypass to skip going through town. After reaching the halfway point of the bypass, the line of cars I was in were met with drivers going the other direction flashing their lights at us. So I assume there is an accident ahead or a cop looking to help boost his quota for the month. My assumptions could not have been more wrong. It turned out that a truck was driving a little ways ahead of us had lost his load. Manure. All in the street. Not only was it thick in the street but there was quite a bit on the shoulder as well. So the cars did the only logical thing they could do and drove through the least amount of it on the shoulder. I had to come home and rinse my van down. The van that Hubby just washed this weekend. I don't think he was impressed with the story.

The kids are also doing very well at their new school year. The seem to like their teachers, are enjoying the classes and are having fun. Unfortunately if Bryce forgets to bring his homework home one more time, Hubby is threatening to tattoo the word HOMEWORK to his forehead so he will remember it. We'll see what happens there. Brady is the only one of the kids who is currently not involved in extra-curricular activities. Bryce will be playing basketball this fall, Belle is on the original sign up list, I may remove her because she's already involved in two activities, and Brady is determined not to play basketball. He wants to play soccer and I will probably sign him up for that in the spring. He's already informed us that he wants to play in the strings next year as well. I'm also struggling with the fact that in less than a month, my baby will be 8 years old. He's already come up with a list of things that he thinks he needs for his birthday.

Also, the puppies owners have claimed the two brown puppies, now known as Buzz and Mitzi. So Baby Girl is the only puppy I have left at this point. In traditional puppy form, she is a whiner. Tuesday morning, I was awakened at 4am by this loud, treacherous howl-whine. She was having a hissy fit that woke not only me, but both of the boys. This morning she allowed me to sleep in. It was 5:30. Not only am I awakened from a very sound, satisfying sleep, but I am unable to go back to sleep afterwards. That leaves me confused about what it is I'm doing. That brings me back to this incoherent post.

Oh and Ernie? Doing very well in her new surroundings. She lets the dogs know when they are too close, now plays with Zeus and is doing very well with her litter box. She seems to be constantly playing and is quick to purr when she gets attention. She has also staked claim to a small stuffed dog of Belle's as her new toy. It is just the right size for her to carry around in her teeth, kick it with her hind legs and throw. She loves to walk across my keyboard, too. Usually at times that are not the best. My only complaint? Why is it that the adult pets (Sophie and Zeus) feel the need to eat the puppy/kitten food instead of their own and the puppy and kitten feel like they need the adult food? That is driving me completely crazy!
She looks impressed, doesn't she?

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