Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've been noticing more and more lately how I keep returning to the same patterns. I wash my hands often, especially if I have been dealing with the animals, cooking supper, cleaning up the house or dealing with meat. I try to keep the kids on a semi-regular routine so that they know what to expect. I've also noticed a regular occurance at bedtime.

Every night, I tend to do the same things. I let the dogs out one last time before I put them to bed. I walk through checking locks and turning off lights. I have the kids lunches started if they are taking them the next morning. Then after I've brushed my teeth and changed my clothes I climb into bed and turn on my alarm. Now when I turn on my alarm, I have to press the button to make sure the time is set correctly. Not long after I've laid down, I doubt whether or not I set the alarm and have to look at the clock one last time for the red dot that shows it's set for morning. I will even check it even if I'm absoutely certain that I set it, because I took the time to remember setting it. Unfortunately just wondering about it has put doubt into my mind that maybe I didn't so I must check and make sure. I cannot sleep until I have looked at least once for that little red dot. If I'm lucky, one time will be the limit. I hope.

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