Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Green Water and Cell Phones

Sunday was a busy day here in my household. I had to have Hubby back to his truck around 10am. Belle had spent the night at one our neighbors house and was told to be home early and she was for a change. Right around noon, my other neighbor knocked on my door. She said that she needed to drain her pool and that I should check out the new split in the liner in her pool. (She was telling me because draining her 24' pool floods areas of my yard and it was half full ). We knew that she was due for a new liner, especially since she got up one morning to a six foot split in her liner at the beginning of the season. Some duct tape and pipe glue managed to keep it sealed until this past weekend. She had even purchased a new liner earlier last week because she had a slow leak somewhere in it. When I got to her house, inspection showed a second split, running around the side of the pool about 8 foot long. She and I were trying to submerge the vacuum hose so that we could drain the water out of the pool (her in the pool and me on the deck) when I heard water running and running fast. Walking around the side of the pool, I found water bubbling out from under the bottom of her pool washing sand away. Turns out her liner finally sunk down into the water and water was rushing between the liner and the pool wall washing away the sand underneath. I let her know that we had to hurry, climbed into the pool jeans and all, so that we could hurry and get the pool draining. I did take 15 seconds to shed my Sketchers first, because after all they are Sketchers and would a pain to have to replace. Jeans are washable. A minute later, she and I were both holding sections of the liner up out of the water while feeling the damage with our feet. You could feel the concrete bases through the liner as well as ruts, some almost a foot deep, where the sand had washed away. She quickly made her way across the pool to retrieve her cell phone to call her parents (who were coming later anyway) for help. Went she went for her cell phone, it occurred to me that I had gotten mine that morning so I would have it when I took Hubby to his truck. It was in my back pocket and I was waste high in green-looking water. (The water itself was pretty clear but the pool had algae on the bottom where her vacuum had broke.) I pulled the phone out of my back pocket to find it dead. I have now managed to submerge two different cell phones. We waited almost forty-five minutes for her parents to come to our aide. Forty-five minutes of holding a liner. Yeah. They showed up with nieces that we quickly put to work and her sister and brother-in-law showed up a couple of minutes later. My kids were swimming at the other neighbors house and I quickly put them to work when they got out of the pool. The six adults were (and occasionally my three kids) were using buckets and a small trash can to empty water faster out of the pool. Around six hours later, we had completely emptied the pool and removed the liner.

So now I am now in the market for a new cell phone. Turns out that I am due for an upgrade (a long overdue upgrade - another story for another day). I have considered a Razr v3xx (I prefer purple but Hubby found a red one, too), a Blackberry, and a Sony Ericson Z750a in purple. My phone has since dried out and is currently working, but I have hated it since I took it from Hubby when he got his new phone and will use any excuse to upgrade. And so I shall. Eventually. Soon.

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Ladybird said...

That sounds like an adventure.

Birddog has the Razor and really seems to like it. I have washed it twice in the washing machine and had to turn it into the point that they canceled his insurance on the phone for a year. I have started checking his pockets now! :)