Friday, August 8, 2008

They Survived!

The kids have officially survived their first week back at school and no one is more proud than I am! Tuesday, I drove them to school so that they didn't have cart backpacks, lunch boxes and Wal-Mart bags full of stuff on the bus, even though they would've much rather rode the bus. I came home only to hop into the car with my Mom. She had been to the optometrist last week and needed to have her eyes dilated and checked so I was the prime candidate to drive her back to town afterward. In return, she fed me lunch at Dairy Queen. Wasn't ice cream but it wasn't a turkey sandwich either! So I did what any stay-at-home mom would do when I got home. I took a nap. A long nap. I slept so hard that the kids school bus is the only thing that woke me when they got home. Oops.

Wednesday I was productive. I washed clothes. I shampooed Belle's carpet. I skipped the nap. Production. Thursday I was equally productive. I spent time at my neighbors house and caught up on my C.S.I. dvd's that I received in the mail. Then came today. I had to grocery shop today (something I'm starting to hate doing). Did you know that cat food is supposed to cost $1 a pound? Me either. I learned that today. I came home, put away my groceries, washed a couple of loads of laundry and watched more C.S.I. I have been through the kids Friday folders, helped them fix sub sandwiches for supper and sent them outside to play just as the weather cooled off nicely. In the middle of all that, I decided to get antsy and motivated. I shampooed my couch.

I really should've taken before and after pictures of all the shampooing that I have been doing as of late because the after pictures would've been amazing. Truth be told, the before pictures would be very embarrassing. Embarrassing because I have let my carpet get to the point that I honestly don't want people visiting. I can't tell you how many times that I have told Hubby I just want to rip all of it out so that I can put down hard wood floors in my living room and I don't have to look at it any longer. I am willing to settle living with sub-flooring until I put down the hardwood if it means I don't have to look at the carpet. It's a carpet that I absolutely hated when we first moved in but one that I could deal with if it meant that I had a house of my own. I guess I was spoiled when the previous two rental properties we had each had new carpet when we moved in. I'm sure that has absolutely nothing to do with it. I also found that my couch is a color that is much lighter than what I started out with. I guess I hadn't realized how much stuff three kids can spill on a couch.

I really wouldn't mind it at this point if the gentleman that stopped by my house last fall (and woke me up from a nap mind you) to demonstrate a Kirby vacuum came back by. The same man who stopped by the house just a couple of weeks ago wanting to sell me the exact same vacuum. One that usually costs like $1500. The same one that when used on my carpet I found two small circles about the size of a softball in the original two tone color that it is. I want to demonstrate that the Hoover that I borrowed from my parents has actually found the two different colors in the kids bedrooms (not in the living room because I haven't shampooed it yet.) It didn't find two small spots in the rooms, but most of the carpet in those rooms look like it should look.

Moving on. I hope by Monday evening to have the rest of the carpet shampooed along with my love seat. That's my goal. We'll see. I am currently waiting, at 11:45pm, for Hubby to make it back to his local terminal so that I can drag three kids out of bed to go and pick him up. Then I can bring them home and put them back to bed so I can drag myself to bed. I am so ready for bed.

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