Monday, August 11, 2008

Introducing Ernie!

I mentioned a little while back that I told Hubby I wanted two female cats just so I can name them Bert and Ernie. A friend of mine from school sent me a message a couple of days ago and said she had a Bert and Ernie for me! She brought Ernie to me today and she's made her way into the hearts of the kids. Ernie is three months old and just as sweet as she can be. Zeus is tolerating her while Sophie and Cheech checked her out and decided she was ok enough to ignore.

Now Bert is still at home with her Mom. Bert is an outside cat who I want to bring inside (so that she don't try to find her way back home). When she was brought inside, Bert pitched a pretty good fit. As of this morning, she was hiding from my friend but had been spotted by friends hubby. She's going to keep working on Bert and maybe I'll have her soon.

I told Hubby now that I blogged about wanting a Bert and Ernie and it's in the making. Next I want a child on 09/09/09 at 9:09 that weighs 9lbs and 9ozs. Think I can be lucky enough to get that too?

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