Monday, November 12, 2007

Different Cultures

By all means, I'm not the shortest mom, but at 5'1", I'm certainly not the tallest. DH is 6'1" and had family that was over 6'6". Imagine how much I worry when I look at my Older Son who, at 10 years old, is only 4 inches shorter than I am. The boy can almost look me eye to eye. I take pride in the fact that I wear Sketchers shoes, one because they are comfortable and stylish, and two because the ones I choose add an inch to my height. That bit of information brings me to my current topic.

Sports (yeah I know, confusing but I needed a topic change). DH hails from southern Mississippi and if you know anything about the south you know they are DIE HARD football. They live and breathe football. I am from Kentucky, so everything here is basketball. People here live for basketball season which is quickly approaching. My family was not one of those families who sat around the tv because there was a game on. I just happen to be lucky enough to know that emphasis is put on basketball (which I did play some), and that round orange ball here is almost godly.

Now Older Son has made the decision he does not want to play football, because he doesn't want to get hit (logically). So he played little league basketball last year and has signed up for it this year along with Daughter. Practices started about a week ago, and coaches are starting to set up their teams by teaching them skills and setting players to positions. Now these two children, born by their 5'1" mother, are both playing the position of CENTER on their teams. Both of them. How does this logically happen?? Yes, they have a tall dad but both of them?

Now I'm not completely naive. I am smart enough to realize that all of my children are going to be taller than I am. I think at age 7, Daughter was 10 pounds heavier and 2 1/2 inches taller than I was at her age. But how did I luck out to have two centers?

On a different note, all of you should have noticed that I have elected to not mention names of my family in my blog. I did this for safety reasons of course, but I am not sure how to refer to each of them. Most of my current readers already know my kids names, or have access to something that tells you who they are. I have requested that my husband give me a good nickname to refer to him by, but unfortunately he is still sickly, and is unable to come up with a good one for me. I'm looking for ideas as to what to call the kids other than Older Son, Younger Son and Daughter, because that just gets old. I have considered making a cheat sheet off to the side that says S is Older Son, K is Daughter and T is Younger Son but I don't know. Let me know what you think!

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Katie said...

Thats a good idea about the name thing! By the way, you also write very nice too! Keep up the great blog!