Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chicken Nugget Day

Anyone from my high school will tell you the best day to eat was on Wednesdays. That was chicken nugget day. Because the school had so many students we had three lunch periods. You never wanted to be on the third period because occasionally they would run out of nuggets. If you didn't have the split lunch (interrupted classes halfway through for lunch and return to your class after lunch) then you didn't bother stopping by a locker on your way to lunch. You hightailed it, books and all, to the lunch line to get a good spot, or you would probably end up searching for a place to sit. Nugget day was that monumental. All of these memories came flooding back to me today, as I got to participate at chicken nugget day at the elementary school level.

In elementary school, we didn't have a set day for nuggets. If it showed up on the menu, then you knew they were having them. The kids are attending a different elementary school than I attended, but still in the same county. This school has a set chicken nugget day. They also have a day, starting just after the beginning of the year, that each class gets to invite someone (parent, grandparent, etc) to eat with them. It is always on nugget day, unless closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas where you get turkey. Today was my day to eat with Younger Son. Maybe it was better when I was in high school, they have changed the type of nuggets, or it was never really that good in high school, but it was definitely not as I remembered them being. But Younger Son was beside himself. Mom got to come eat with him. I can't tell you the number of hugs I got, or back pats I received from him, all because I joined him for lunch. He talked almost nonstop, so much so that I thought he wasn't going to have time to finish his lunch before his teacher showed up to get them. He did finish his lunch and offer plenty more hugs before she got there. All in all it was a good day and I have become Mom of the Day because I ate with my son.

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Ladybird said...

I LOVED chicken nugget day! I was always lucky enought to have the split lunch. I normally got in the pizza/cheeseburger line, but I always got in the 'real meal' line on chicken nugget day. With mashed potatoes and those buttery rolls....YUMMM!!!