Friday, November 2, 2007


My mom and dad have been steady doing updates on their house since they bought it a few years ago. Because the house is located in the middle of a bad S-curve, they decided to take their driveway out of the curve and move directly in front of their garage instead the angle it had. They also decided it needed to be done in concrete. Lots and lots of concrete. Thirty-eight yards of concrete. And they needed help raking the last twenty-six yards that was delivered yesterday because they couldn't do it by themselves. So me, being the unemployed person that I am, was a prime choice, along with an uncle of mine. So I went over yesterday morning to help.

The first batch was delivered at around 9:30. The second at 11 and the last at noon. Unfortunately, the chute on the truck was not long enough to reach one of the areas to be poured, so we had to rake the concrete from the next area that the truck could not reach. Around one, we finally had all of this mess leveled out, and smooth. By two, it had been "brushed" and edged and was ready for drying. I came home to have 5 minutes of quiet before the kids got off the bus.

Eventually, I finally looked in a mirror to find I have a sunburn! In November! Now I burn all summer long if I don't pay attention to what I'm doing, that's nothing new to me, but I don't think I've ever had a burn this late in the year. Then I get up this morning, my freckles are considerable darker than they were yesterday, thank you very much, and I have muscles that ache in areas that I didn't know I had used muscles. My side, back and arms ache. And people say Stay-At-Home-Moms don't work.

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