Saturday, November 3, 2007

Reverse Psychology

Years ago I was a psych major. No really. I was. Unfortunately, I was also just out of high school with a run of the mill restaurant job, and though I was in management, it still wasn't enough to pay car insurance, two car notes, tuition and books. So I dropped out after completing 18 hours. I decided this week to put my lessons to use.

Younger Son loves spaghetti. I can cook spaghetti for supper and he will clean his plate in ten minutes. Unfortunately, Older Son and Daughter have reached a point they don't like spaghetti. So they whine. And they want the sauce separate from the noodles, or not at all if they can get away with it. So when it came time to plan my meals for the week, I figured I would try shaped noodles instead of using plain vermicelli like I usually do. This time I bought rainbow rotini. It worked! Older Son declared his love for this type of spaghetti and had four noodles left. Daughter declared her love as well and cleaned her plate. Younger Son was skeptical at first, having had the same type of noodles at Memaw's house in a pasta salad. It took a lot of convincing that they were just plain noodles with food coloring. But after trying it, he also had four noodles left and I believe he started out with more than Older Son and Daughter.

Wish I had thought of it sooner...

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