Friday, November 16, 2007

Do I or Don't I?

Every week, "T" is responsible for a "spelling brochure." Basically, it is something his teacher made up with four or five different tasks he is supposed to work on throughout the week and return on Friday. Last night "S" and "K" both had basketball practice and I forgot to tell "T" to finish his brochure. I found it this morning after he had left for school with all sections finished except one. This brought me a dilemma. Do I take the unfinished homework to school and let him turn it in with 20 points off for not being finished or do I stay home with the homework and let him take it back on Monday? I have never taken unfinished homework to school before because I usually don't find it until AFTER they come home from school. If they forget something like a lunch box and I find it, I'll drive it over there and leave it at the office so that they'll have lunch. But this was something totally different than lunch. Lunch is a mad dash to get it thrown together before the bus runs. This was homework that he's had all week long to complete and place back in his folder and didn't. Is it really fair to the other kids if I drive his homework to him because he forgot it? Should I have sucked it up and taken it to him? I chose to not take it to him, because he's had all week long to work on it. Most days he chose to do one section at a time so that he could hurry up and be done with homework to do something else. Now this isn't like a horribly hard thing to do. On one section, he writes each word twice. Another section he has to write the words in alphabetical order. Yet another section has him copying two short sentences that will be on his test on Friday and the last section is usually about writing capitalizations and abbreviations correctly. He is given a basic form of a work and he is to write it correctly, such as mon is actually supposed to be Mon. I feel like if he wants to drag this out, he could do the two longer things, abc order and write each word twice on separate days and then finish out the rest on the same day since it is short. What do you think? Did I do the right thing?

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