Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Living in this part of Kentucky has it's advantages. We don't have a lot of snow during the winter months and here the last couple of years all we've had is light snow. It will snow overnight and will be melted by that afternoon. To top it all off, the kids didn't miss school because of it. It always fell on a weekend or holiday break. Summer months leave us with heat but usually not the unbearable humidity that the southern states have. This summer was not a good one. We had a horrible heat streak through the end of July and first of August that had us in 100+ weather. Air conditioning units seemed to never stop running and people were covering windows to keep the heat out. Halloween was mild. The kids didn't have to worry about getting cold while trick or treating. Now Thanksgiving is two days away and today's highs were in the low 70's. Perfect for a certain daughter who had lunch and play time at the park today on a field trip. Tomorrow a cold front approaches, bringing rain and a chance of storms, leaving Thanksgiving will be truly Thanksgiving with highes only in the 40's. So knowing that tidbit they call a weather forecast, I did the only thing logical.

I washed my van.

I've been telling DH that the van needed a good washing before winter set in. Unfortunately when he's home, he doesn't have time to mess with it and I haven't had the energy. Today I had the drive to get it done. But I didn't just wash the outside of the van. I did windows. I wiped down the dash, doors, and cupholders. (Children do not need their own cup holders but that's a subject for another day). I even took carpet cleaner to a few of the spots that have been there since we bought it (and a few that have been acquired over the last few months). One can only imagine what the neighbors thought as I started vacuuming at 7:30 am. About how it was washed by 9:30 am with me in my jeans, flannel shirt and crocs. I can now say that my van is almost ready for winter.


Ladybird said...

I, like my father, truly believe that a vehicle runs better when it is clean. Unfortunantly, mine only gets really clean about twice a year...in the spring and right before winter. Enjoy your clean van! I hope the cleanliness lasts longer than in my car!

Ladybird said...

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