Saturday, October 18, 2008

Branching Out

This morning started out cold. So very cold. Belle had to be at the football field by 9:45 for a 10:00 game. Except when we got there, the game that was already in progress was not quite at halftime. So we had to wait through the last two periods before we could even get started. The squad performed their halftime dance for the last time and did a wonderful job.

While they performed their halftime show, there was a player from another team on the field dancing his version to the music. This is not his first time performing but I did snag a few seconds of his show while the other teams cheer squad performed their show.

Belle branched out today as well. Up until today she has been my child. She would not come up into the stands to encourage the crowds to spell the school name. Today she came up into the stands.

After the game, I drove to get Hubby at his truck. After a quick trip to Wal-Mart and not finding a mask for Bryce's costume, we decided to drive up to the next town to Halloween Express and find one. He finally settled on this one. We went ahead and picked it up so we didn't have to make the trip again next week. We figured we couldn't waste the trip and the gas up there, so we walked in the local mall for a bit window shopping. I browsed new wedding bands and still haven't found one I want. We drove across town to Little Caesar's Pizza that just opened over the last year or two. We haven't had pizza from this restaurant since they closed the one in our town years ago, so we picked up a couple of pizzas. Since it's a 30-45 minute drive home from the pizza shop, we drove to the local park and had a picnic with the kids and let them play at the playground. Then I kicked myself for leaving my camera at home.

Tonight I went to work on cleaning up part of my bedroom. It's going. It's not going fast but it's going. I pulled down a few pairs of shorts that I put on my bookcase hoping that I would be able to wear them again. The first pair I tried on fit well. The second pair I tried on was a little tighter but still fit. The last pair were tighter than I would've liked so I'll put them back up and hope I can drop five pounds to wear them again. My enjoyment came from knowing that I bought these shorts the summer before my senior year of high school. They were a little big on me then but the fact I can get into them now without a lot of effort (at least the first two pairs) was cool. I have also found four different books that I haven't read that we brought back with us from Mississippi in July. I hope to complete them soon.

Bedtime is coming soon. Sleep left something to be desired last night. Maybe Hubby being home will help me sleep. I hope so.

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