Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Lazy Brood and Overloaded Truck

The animals here have been lazy lately and have been finding the oddest places and positions to sleep. Such as Callie asleep on the end of my ironing board.And in a strange position on the love seat arranged nicely between a Bible and the Sunday paper inserts.And poor Gracie just curled up and crashed in Hubby's lap just like the baby she is.I mentioned in my last post that Brady finally got a hair cut. Belle got a Bratz hair color doll set for her birthday and colored every child's hair that passed through our doors this weekend. Don't you love those beautiful eyes? I've missed them so.

And Hubby picked up the shingles needed to work on the roof. Here is all 18 squares loaded on the back of the truck.
I'm stunned he didn't blow a tire. They are now waiting impatiently in my way to be put on my roof. We've pulled out reinforcements to get the job done. My brother will be here Sunday to work and Dad will be here probably Sunday, maybe even Saturday if he isn't working. Gotta love family labor.

Bryce and Belle enjoyed their first basketball practice. They like their teammates and new coaches. Their concert went well last night, too. They had a blast dressing up so they could perform their "story." They are keeping me busy to say the least. Belle has basketball practice tomorrow after school, Bryce has it on Friday after school. Belle has strings practice today after school and Bryce tomorrow after school. Brady still hasn't heard from his coach about his team practices yet. Hopefully soon. Anyone think I'm gluten for punishment yet?

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