Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ten years ago today, I found myself in a hospital glad that she was finally here five days past her due date. She stunned us by being a little girl. I just knew she was a boy!
She says she had a good birthday today. She practiced hard at basketball practice after school, came home to carve pumpkins and eat grilled cheese sandwiches. She chose the evening meal tonight. And now on to the Jack-O-Lanterns. Brady's is first, Bryce's second and Belle's last.
My camera does not take pictures at night without a flash well so these were taking with the technique of my fingers across the flash. Not totally dark but not the strong bright light either. Oh and your missing my finger in the corner of the pictures that I expertly cropped out of the picture before adding it.

I had every intention on taking a picture of my twins today, but unfortunately I had all three kids in bed before I thought about it again. Today I have an eight year old and two ten year olds. Tomorrow it will all change. Stay tuned!

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