Friday, October 17, 2008


I am sitting here listening to Sophie do some serious damage to her bone. The kids are finally in bed after an exhausting afternoon. Brady has had four different meltdowns after a rough day at school. Belle went to bed pouting because she got into some trouble after taking her shower. Bryce had our typical issues. Hubby and I are having a hard time understanding how he could want to play with someone after finding out that the boy was just using him for his stuff.

Parent-Teacher Conferences went well yesterday. All three teachers raved over the kids and they all made the A-B honor roll. I was even shocked by a conversation that I had yesterday, one that I honestly expected to go completely different than what actually happened. For once, it was nice to be wrong.

Hubby will not be home tomorrow in time to attend Belle's last football game. I am grateful that he got to attend every game except for one. It could've been a lot worse.

I have been trying to get motivated to clean up a few things around the house. I got into the groove last night and had my dishes washed, counters cleaned and even wiped out the microwave. I started on one of our refrigerators when I fell out of my groove. I cleaned the door. Yeah. Maybe next week I'll finish the rest of it. I have managed to walk into my bedroom and clean a very, very, very small section of it. So small that if you didn't know what the room looked like before you walked in, you wouldn't be able to tell I had done anything at all. That's better than what it was. I guess.

I found myself laughing last night as I was watching a dvd before I headed off to bed. I heard Gracie making noises on the floor beside me and looked down, expecting to find her twitching or running in her sleep. I found her with her tongue halfway out of her mouth and making sucking noises as her sucking reflex worked in her sleep. It was too funny to watch.

While trying to get Brady out of his afternoon funk, I talked him into going out back and flipping on the trampoline so that I could take his picture. I got one really cool picture in the mix.
He loved it when he saw it. Be sure to note the two different color socks he's wearing. Today was crazy sock day at school in support of the 5th-6th grade football team for their tournament game tomorrow.

I think all three kids have finally decided what they are going to be for Halloween. Brady is going to be a zombie, Belle is going to be a gothic cheerleader and Bryce is going to be Jason. I have warped children. But I love them for their need to be different. They love the fact they're getting to wear makeup and hair paint. It takes so little to amuse them. Sometimes, it takes so little to amuse me.

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