Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Busy Weekend

I am taking a break right now. I've got a load of laundry in the washer, one in the dryer and fifteen more loads waiting. Ok maybe not that many but it feels like it. I've got one birthday cake in the oven and will have a second one in the oven within the hour. Belle's birthday is Wednesday and Bryce's birthday is Thursday so we are blowing out candles today where Hubby can be here to join in on their growing up ritual.

I picked up the makeup and hair color Friday for the kids halloween costumes. I bought five cans of black hair spray to make sure that I have enough. I swear the cans were bigger just two years ago. And cheaper. Bryce and Belle both have a concert on Monday. Each year, the beginning strings orchestra (with help from the advanced strings) put on a Halloween concert to show the kids and their parents how films get the cool sound effects. They get to perform in costume, which is why I had to have so much hair color.

Also on Friday, Bryce performed his first ever Quad State performance at the local college. He had a blast and the music was fantastic. I also realized the last time that I had been in that particular auditorium I was a high school senior for a choir performance. Time certainly flies.

Basketball teams were picked yesterday at the kids school. They seem to be excited about their teams and both Bryce and Belle have practice tomorrow after school. We haven't heard from Brady's coach about his practice yet. Hopefully that information will come within the next couple of days.

We have also spent the last couple of days looking at shingles for the house. When Ike blew through here a few weeks back, it left some serious destruction in it's path. Our house was part of it. We had to have a new roof as a result of the serious wind. Unfortunately, we had to wait on the insurance check to come in before we could actually start purchasing what we need. In the last two weeks, shingles have gone up over $10. The store didn't have the color (grey) of shingles that I wanted for the house and if we waited for the order to come in, we ran the risk of the price going up another $5 again tomorrow. So we bought black. Plain. Black. Shingles. Blech. But if my roof is fixed then I'll settle.

We got Brady's hair cut yesterday, finally! The poor boy had hair down past the tip of his nose so Hubby took him and had it trimmed. He had eyes! Blue-green hazel colored eyes. Who knew? At least he can shoot the basketball without wiping the hair out of his eyes.

I was excited when a Linens N Things was put in a building not far from here. I was seriously disappointed last weekend when I noticed a man holding a sign up that said "Liquidation Sale: Everything Must Go!" I knew then that the store was closing. The local newspaper confirmed it the very next day. We thought we'd walk through yesterday and see what we could find. The store was only showing 10-30% off all items. We saw a many things at 10% off, a few at 20% and I didn't see one single thing at 30%. We browsed silverware, fryers, bedding and others. Hubby found a salad spinner while we were there. He was investigating it when he pull the handle that made the inside spin. A collective "Whoaaaa!!" was heard. It's nice that it doesn't take much to entertain the kids. Or Hubby.

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