Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sleep Deprivation Hurts

Lately, Zeus has decided that he must go to the door and meow to be let out into the house to use his litter box during the wee morning hours (we've hid the golf bag so he'd stopped sharpening his claws on it to wake us.) And he doesn't just meow. He screams with that tom cat meow that not only wakes me but can also wake the kids. Oh and Callie. Callie has to come down the hallway to my door and add her two cents. So I fuss at him to hush and eventually get up to let him out so that he can come back down the hall not ten minutes later to be let back in. Over the last week, I've averaged maybe 4-5 hours of sleep a night. For me, that's not good. I work better on eight hours.

After landing about 4 hours of sleep on Saturday night, I had to get up Sunday morning to go get Hubby from his truck. He had gotten into town about 3am and slept in his truck until we got there. He only slept about 4 hours himself when I woke him, so while waiting on me to finish checking my email when we got home, he and Gracie took a little snooze.That evening, Gracie and Callie played around Hubby. Who can resist that tongue sticking out?
One day Gracie will realize this isn't a wise way to sit.
The kids have also been keeping me super busy. Cheerleading season ended and we cruised straight into basketball season. Each of my kids are on their own team, practice twice a week, and Bryce and Belle are still going to strings practice on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If we are really lucky, two of the kids have practice at the same time. Belle usually has practice at their school for basketball at the same time Bryce is at strings practice at the middle school. It happens again when Bryce practices basketball and Belle is at strings. That leaves me with fifteen minutes to get from the kids school to the middle school to get them on time. This week we have had two basketball practices on Monday plus a cheerleading banquet all at different times, a basketball practice and a strings practice on Tuesday and Wednesday, and will have one more ball practice on Thursday and again on Friday. I'm not running ragged. Never. But it is taking a toll on my blogging topics.

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