Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tis The Season

We are busy as always. Thanksgiving always brings a flurry of activities to this house and this year is no different. What was different was Hubby got home last Monday evening and was home the rest of the week and that always keeps me busy. Last year, Hubby didn't make it home for Thanksgiving, so to have him home the entire week was a change. Thanksgiving here is also the beginning of little league basketball games.

Saturday was the kids first game. It wasn't actually a game as much as it was an exhibition. Bryce and Belle both won their games while Brady lost his. Brady wasn't as disappointed as I expected him to be considering his siblings won their games. Now maybe his coach will teach the teams how to run plays instead of focusing on certain kids? Maybe?

I spent Friday racking my brain trying to decide if the kids had everything they needed for the science fair that is a week away. I have salt, pepper, comb, balloon kit (with helium tank), string, cardboard, three different types of gum, construction paper and three display boards. If I need anything else, please put me out of my misery. I hate science fairs.

Today has been busy as well. We went to church this morning, came home for lunch and then loaded Hubby up to leave for the week. After coming home, I got busy. I vacuumed, moved my love seat and put up the tree. As of this moment, half of the limbs have been straightened while the rest wait for me to get up. They will be waiting until tomorrow. I will have to get in the attic for the rest of the decorations and can't do that until tomorrow.

Last Christmas was Zeus's first Christmas and this year is Callie's. She has spent a good deal of time bouncing around in the branches until she forced me to break out my spray bottle. She's given it a break for the last little bit and is playing with Belle's belt.

I also started other household chores when I got home this afternoon. I loaded and ran my dishwasher twice. I am now on my second third fourth load of laundry (and put away the ones I finished). I cooked the kids supper, got them in the tub and in bed. Now I unwind.

Because Hubby and I disagree on some television shows (I despise wrestling), I got some sewing done while watching The English Patient on the laptop in my bedroom. It was a movie that he was never interested in seeing that I wanted to see. While it was running, I fixed the head on a dog, an ear on another dog and sewed an arm on a santa claus. Bryce was nice enough to bring the dog with the fixed ear to tell me his arm is coming off as well so it has been put back in my bedroom until I can get to him tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow.

I never realized the power behind a new stove. I am still adjusting my timing because it cooks so much faster than anything I've ever used. Where I used to be able start hamburgers and have plenty of time to finish my fries is now changed. The burgers cooked faster than I've ever had them cook. I can turn my oven on to the recommended temperature without having to adjust it down 25 degrees because the thermostat was a little off. If I had realized the power behind a new stove I would've snookered one out of Hubby a long, long, long time ago. I did realize, however, that now my appliances don't match. I have a white stove with an almond hood, almond dishwasher and almond refrigerator. Looks like I'll have to remodel my kitchen sooner than I had planned. Hehehehehe.


Jennifer said...

Oh, I loved "The English Patient". I've seen it several times and I always swoon over it!! Ralph Fiennes is a total perv in real life, but he is BEAUTIFUL on screen!!

Ladybird said...

I have a great science fair project. It is actually one that I did when we were in elementary school.....and it was fun and easy...and I think that I placed with it. Let me know if you need any ideas.....I love that stuff!