Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This morning started like most pre-holiday mornings. The kids got out of bed and fixed themselves a bowl of cereal (after watching a little tv first). I got Belle ready for basketball practice and dropped her off by the school at 9. I came home starving, because even though the kids each had cereal does not mean that I did. This morning, I decided that cinnamon toast sounded like a good way to start the day and went about fixing some for me and the boys. I started the oven, fixed my toast, placed the pan in the oven and walked to the living room to talk to Hubby for a minute. Then I started hearing noises. Popping noises. At first, I thought my cookie sheet may have had water in it, but didn't understand why because it had plenty of time to dry from the last time I washed it. I walked into the kitchen to check on my toast and found smoke rising out of my oven. I opened the door to find an oddly bright light, lots of smoke and a small flame. My broiler element was burning out and it took unplugging the stove to get it to stop burning.

Now is the time to put this situation into perspective. I burned out my stove. On the day before Thanksgiving! Words cannot describe the multitude of emotions that a person experiences when their stove goes out on the day before Thanksgiving. Upon further investigation, I found that the manufacturer of this particular dinosaur stove no longer sells the replacement element so I was forced to replace the whole thing. Hubby put her in this afternoon and she works much better than the previous one. I'm also appreciative that Mom is doing most of the Thanksgiving cooking otherwise my problem would've been much larger. Now if Santa will stuff my pocketbook to help cover her cost...

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Jennifer said...

Ok, in what year was the first stove manufactured??? Was it a Ben Franklin original??? Add 'thankful for a new stove' to the list!! Altho I probably would have used it as an excuse to ditch the whole cooking thing and go out!!