Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sleeping Habits

Sleep is hard to come by in a house with three kids, five pets and a husband who snores occasionally. Thursday night, sleep was hard to come by for both me and Hubby. I managed to snag a couple of hours while he didn't get much more than that in his truck. Needless to say, after a long night of trick or treating, Hubby and I were both ready to crash by bedtime.

We take steps to ensure that what sleep we get is good sleep. We have fans running to provide white noise. We try to make sure the kids have been through certain steps before bed so that getting up during the night is minor. Hubby sleeps with ear plugs every night while I use them on the nights that he snores enough to prevent me from sleeping. Thursday night I didn't need them. And we crashed. Hard.

Around six Friday morning, Zeus decided that he wanted to go outside. So he started to sharpen his claws on Hubby's golf bag that sits beside the bedroom door. And the bag fell in front of the door, creating a lot of racket on the way down. Now I have learned to adjust to certain noises throughout the night and falling golf clubs were one of those noises. Zeus has knocked them over before so when they fell that morning, I held my breath and waited for Hubby to jump out of bed.

It took fifteen seconds for the noise to penetrate his ear plugs and register in his brain. Fifteen seconds for him to jump up and look out the blinds while trying to determine what it was he actually heard. So I asked him, "What are you doing?"

"I heard something."

"Zeus knocked over your golf clubs."


"Zeus knocked over your golf clubs."


Now a few hours later, after we had been up for a while, I took the opportunity to explain the time difference that it took from when it actually happened to when he reacted. He still denies it. But he knows it's true.

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