Thursday, April 2, 2009

Explanations and Updates

As promised, my explanation for moderating my comments. Over the last few weeks, I've been having issues with "people" leaving comments on my blog. Oh my gosh! I know! That's the whole purpose of having comments enabled on the blog! The bad thing is the comments are sometimes something that is actually typed in and other times it is a comment that has been copied and pasted from my very own post. Then the "commenter" leaves a url for a commercial website where they would like you to visit. Well I prefer to not be the target of spammers. So I will moderate until things calm down. Then I may change it.

Now on to updates! Yesterday, South and North Dakotas dug themselves out of some serious snow and Hubby got to leave South Dakota and move on to his destination in North Dakota. He made his delivery this morning, picked up a delivery a few miles from his delivery and headed home. He is currently in Minnesota (not sure where right now mr_e...just know he'll be outside of Minneapolis sometime tomorrow) and should be home Saturday morning. A huge relief for both of us!

Parent-teacher conferences were today and the kids received their report cards. All three teachers raved over the kids, how smart they are, how much they behave and how they really didn't have anything to report (other than Bryce has been listening better in class and tutoring has been helping). Bryce pulled his D in math at mid-term up to a B and the rest of his subjects were A's. Brady had a C in science at mid-term and pulled it up to have straight A's. Belle also managed to pull off straight A's, the first time in fourth grade. The kids may drive me crazy at home with this and that but one thing that I have to admit I enjoy is the fact they are good students. Makes getting through other things easier.

I started this post ten minutes before 8 and hoped I had enough time to get it up before ER started. I admit that over the years ER has hit a point of disappointment but I still watched, whether it be out of habit or dedication. One thing I couldn't miss is the very last show so I am now finished, during the first round of commercials. I'll be back tomorrow!

Oh, JanJanMom, if you missed my comment, click my link and send me an email.


mr_e said...

I will be thinking of you and hope hubby has a safe trip home

Jennifer said...

I had a problem similar to yours. I click a box that says 'do not allow pings" whatever those are!! did the trick though. except a few weeks ago I got about 100 comments on my old blog....grr!!!

ShortyMom said...

I wish I had that option Jennifer! Just got tired of deleting comments when I checked my blog..