Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meeting A New Friend and a Concert

A couple of weeks ago, I got a message from Janjanmom. Seems she picked up on something I had on my blog that led her to believe we actually lived pretty close together. How right she was. Yesterday, she gave me a call and we made arrangements to meet. Today we found out how small our world is. Turns out that we attended the same elementary school but she was a few years ahead of me (I even have yearbooks in the top of my closet that she should be in;)). While those few years don't mean much now that we are adults, as kids those few years can seem like eons. She even knew a couple of people that I ran around with either by location or by their siblings. She graduated high school just before I moved to that school but she graduated with my sister-in-law. It is just amazing! I had a great time talking with Janjan and meeting her three beautiful girls.

After meeting with Janjan, I started running. Belle and Bryce had their final strings concert of this year tonight and I had a thought to have Bryce try on his black pants this morning. Of course he had outgrown them. Again. So went the quest to find a reasonably priced pair of black pants (that he's only going to wear a handful of times before outgrowing them again). I finally found a pair and picked them up, hoping they would fit him when he got home. I can no longer buy kids-size clothing for him. The pants I picked up today? 32x32. They're a little long but I mean come on. I could wear them! I stopped by Wal-Mart for snacks for Belle tomorrow, chatted with a friend that worked there and headed for home. Here, I had to iron the kids clothes for tonight, get Bryce from tutoring, cut Bryce's hair, start supper, and get the kids showered and ready to be at the school by 5:30. Between 4 and 5, I had everything finished and the kids were sitting down eating. We got to the school a hair past 5:30 and the play started at six. It was a darling little play and the kids did a great job on the music, playing the longest piece they've played yet. Here they are for pictures after their performance.Maybe if I keep taking pictures at a distance of this quality, someone will be nice enough to get me a new camera. Ahem. Hubby knows of my desire for a good digital camera with a couple of lenses so that I can take better pictures without having to get right up on my target and get in the way of others taking pictures as well. Maybe, eventually I will finally be able to get one.

Since the kids had already showered when we got home, and the concert only lasted about a half hour, they were dressed in pjs by 7:00. At 7:30, they were brushing teeth and on their way to bed. By 7:45? My house was quiet and three exhausted kids had made their way to bed. Bryce got up once to have a cuticle cut that was hurting him and went right back to bed. I haven't seen him since. Tomorrow morning is coming quickly so I am finally going to stop, sleep and see what tomorrow brings.


Jennifer said...

I really wonder what will happen when the kids finally leave home? Will we sleep for twenty years or will we be bored? Or a combination of the two? After a day like you just described, I can hardly wait to find out!!

Jennifer said...
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