Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hubby came home on Thursday and got to spend almost three full days with us. He got good miles, is scheduled for good miles next week and was home for 70 hours before having to leave out again which is almost unheard of, especially for him. Needless to say, I can't complain. Friday, the kids went to school, came home and went to work around the house. They did their chores, put away their clothes, cleaned up their toys in the living room and kitchen, then packed for an overnight stay at Memaw and Pepaw's. Hubby and I had the house all to ourselves.

Since Hubby and I knew while we were out and about that we were going to have the night to ourselves, we stopped and rented movies. We came home with Twilight (which I honestly wanted to read first but Hubby wanted to see), Yes Man and The Day the Earth Stood Still. We had to run back back Wal-Mart while we were out that night for a couple of things I forgot to pick up when grocery shopping. I ended up picking up a new set of mechanical pencils. Have I mentioned my love for office/school supplies? I'd link to them but I can't find them anywhere but I will say, I bought them simply for the patterns and colors on the pencils. Afterward, we went to a local pizza and steak restaurant to eat on their seafood buffet for dinner then came home. Hubby precut some boards for a task that we were going to work on Saturday (more to come on that) and we settled down to watch movies. Twilight was an ok movie, but I like true vampire movies. Vampires are supposed to be sorta "bad" guys. They survive on blood for crying out loud. So when the vampires sparkled in sunlight, I was disappointed. That's not evil! I want to hear them scream in pain because they're in sunlight because I'm morbid that way! I fell asleep on The Day the Earth Stood Still since we didn't actually put it in to watch until like 11:30pm. We never made it to Yes Man so I went ahead and returned it with the other two.

Saturday, I went to get the kids while Hubby tilled the garden and started mowing a neighbor's yard. When I got back with them, Bryce push mowed the neighbors front yard while Hubby mowed the backyard. Belle, Brady and I went into our backyard and planted my garden for this year. According to my granddad's beliefs, my peas will not come up this year because they weren't planted on February 15th. Guess we'll see what happens. This year I planted sweet peas, sweet corn, carrots and squash. Then in the afternoon, Hubby rounded the kids up to paint a birdhouse that he was building. Here they are in action and with the finished product:
They were in bed and out cold by 9pm Saturday night! After a good day yesterday, they had to counter it today of course. Brady was in our room this morning complaining about an argument that was going on with Bryce. It was a nice way to wake up. Yeah. They finally calmed down after a nice chat about how we are supposed to act and how we are not supposed to wake Mom and Dad unless the house is burning, bones are broken or there is serious blood. I dropped Hubby off at his truck earlier this afternoon and have almost gotten the kids ready for bed. Hubby took the camera with him on this week's run because it is taking him to the Denver area so if there are any pictures to be taken at home, I will miss them. Now I'm going to shut down my computer before the storm that is blowing in shuts it down for me. How was your weekend?


Ladybird said...

EC and I headed to KY this weekend. Lots of playing and doing lots of nothing. A perfect weekend.

I liked the Twilight books, but haven't brought myself to watch the movie yet. The movies are never as good as the books. I liked the first book the best, but all were pretty easy reads. I don't understand the hype, other than they were pretty romantic books and I can understand where teenage girls would swoon over Edward. Give them a shot, I am sure that you will like them.

ShortyMom said...

I saw y'all came up this weekend Ladybird. Hated that I didn't get to see ya! Glad you enjoyed it though.

I still want to read the books but our big old library only has two copies and they are both checked out. I really don't want to buy them if I'm only going to read them once and put them down so I'm stalling on the book.