Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Long, Busy, Crazy Day

Yesterday started off with absolutely nothing planned. We got up, didn't get into a hurry about anything and just started off slow. Finally, Hubby and I made it to the shower and went off to Wal-Mart for a few things. There, they were having Community Day where the kids could play games (for a donation), food for purchase just off the grill and people taking donations for new equipment for the local rescue squads. Belle won a 2-liter, while the boys won pieces of candy and we got all three kids cotton candy before we left. Then we went in the store and bought hot dogs and buns so we could try to burn a bit of the tree we cut down last fall and have a bonfire for the kids.

When we got back, we got to work. Hubby and Bryce mowed the yard. Brady had to help of course, but Bryce did most of the mowing in the front yard. The kids helped cleaned up the backyard so it could be mowed. They rode bikes, jumped on the trampoline, shot the bb gun at cans, rode their "motorcycle" and spent most of yesterday outside. Brady had a friend come by for a play date late in the afternoon. While they spent the day outside, I spent a big part of the day inside cleaning. When I finished yesterday afternoon, my living room was officially spring cleaned. I pulled movies and books off of shelves and wiped them down. I cleaned out the cabinet on my desk and wiped it down. I scrubbed my ceiling fan, baseboards, front door and cleaned picture frames. I even washed the windows. Now I can sit in my clean living room and think of what I need to do in the other rooms.

About 8, the wind finally died down enough for us to light our bonfire. It was small in terms of bonfires, but just the right size for hot dogs and marshmallows for the pleasing of the kids. It was a small fire, but it was an extremely hot fire. I burned up three marshmallows by holding them near the flames but not in them. I hate burnt marshmallows! So I fed them to Hubby. We did have one casualty when Belle walked into a roasting stick that was sitting across a lawn chair. She has a nice burn across her thigh now, but not a terribly bad burn. Just enough to let her know it's there. Overall the kids had a wonderful time and certainly slept well last night.

Today we did the opposite of yesterday. Mostly nothing. The kids rode their motorcycle again and played outside while Hubby tried to fix the lawnmower. I sat outside with them. We watched tv. The kids played with our neighbor's nieces. I made a good lunch for everyone since Hubby was leaving for work this evening. Then we made the 75 minute trip to Tennessee to drop him off and came back home. The kids are now sleeping and were so wore out that I haven't seen anyone of them since they got in their beds. I am now ready for bed myself after missing out on a couple of hours sleep during the night. I am putting a load of laundry in the dryer and off to bed to hope for sleep.

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