Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Belts and Birds

We have been running on our normal routine as of late. The kids get up, go to school while I putter around the house trying to keep occupied without actually doing any housework. This takes a lot of effort, especially since I don't watch any tv usually. I talk to Hubby at various times throughout the day (yesterday's conversation was a rough one). Then the end of school rolls around, I'm home when they get off the bus or run to get them when I need to. Supper is cooked and I start trying to work them in bed by 7:30. Then we start all over again.

I have been looking for a job over the last few months. Partly because I need something to occupy myself and partly because we could really use the extra money. But jobs are scarce and what's worse is that I haven't worked since early 2007. I have very little experience in my field and it's disappointing that I don't even get a call back when I submit resumes. So I sit and wait but jobs are few and far between.

On a lighter note, after Hubby put the birdhouse in the ground on Sunday, we went on about our normal daily routines. Yesterday, while loading my dishwasher, I thought I noticed a piece of grass flying in the back yard. So I watched to see a bird stick her head out of the house. We've already had a bird move in after only a couple of days and she is determined to make sure she doesn't lose it. She doesn't get far from the house even though she's still working on the nest and seems to be pretty tame as far as birds go. I opened the door and called out Brady's name to get him to look at the house and she sat there on the front of it. She never moved. Not a bad thing. Now I need to get my hummingbird feeder out and we'll be all set.

This afternoon looks like a typical afternoon. I have a load of towels in my washer and a load of jeans to hang up in my dryer. I need to run a couple of errands and pick Bryce up from violin practice. Then home again to start supper and if I'm really lucky everyone will be in bed by 8 starting with Brady at 7:30. Did I mention how he came into my room at 6:20 this morning and ask if he could wear my belt to school? Then when I told him to give me a minute that I will look in his room for one, he yells "BUT THERE'S NOT ANY!" and slams my door on the way out. Didn't tell you that one? Well, he got into a heap of trouble for yelling, slamming the door and then for me walking into the bedroom and finding two belts in open view. One was on the floor at the end of his bed, and the other was hanging out of the front of the toy box. But he didn't have one. Lucky for him, he's the first one in the shower tonight and the first to bed. Darn. How has your morning gone?


Ladybird said...

Congrats on the bird! That is awesome. I was just thinking that I needed to put out my hummingbird feeder. I didn't know if it was too early or not.

I left an award for you on my blog!

Jennifer said...

Well shoot, you know I am ALWAYS stealing my children's clothing and hiding it so they can't find it and then I go and find it and 'pretend' it was there the whole time. I'm very devious that way!!

Jobs...this is why I am subbing!! Doing it right now....very strange day. It's a math class and I just spent ten minutes telling them about Lizzie Borden.