Monday, April 6, 2009

There Is Just No Title

This weekend has been crazy, crazy. I still am not quite up to where I should be as far as this darn cold! I now have a cough that doesn't want to quit and my throat hurts whenever I yawn. I have slowed down on my kleenex's though. It took me three days to go through the other half of the box that I bought on Wednesday, compared to the one day it took me to get through the first half. So I'm getting there. I just don't have any energy though. I could spend days curled up on the couch not doing anything if I could get away with it. Unfortunately duty calls. And laundry. And children. And meals. And dishes.

Friday night, Bryce went to stay with a friend. The friend came here after school and his mom picked up both boys around 6:30. My neighbor had asked me to babysit that evening so I had Little Man from 4:30 until his dad showed up at 6:45. I started to make supper for Brady and Belle when I had to walk away for a few minutes to help Little Man's dad. When I got back, 3/4 of my supper was burnt. So I ordered pizza. I took them to rent a movie (Madagascar 2), picked up the pizza and came home to wind down for the night. They were ready for bed just after the movie ended, with absolutely no arguing. They changed into their pj's, climbed into bed and I didn't hear a peep out of them the rest of the night. I took two Nyquil and followed them a short time later.

Hubby delivered himself on Saturday morning. I say delivered himself because I didn't have to drive to Tennessee this time to get him. He is currently on his way to New York, a run that routed him right through our home town so he just went ahead and brought the truck home with him. Ok, he brought it town with him, not home home. I certainly don't have enough room for a semi and trailer. I picked Bryce up before running across town to get Hubby and came home for what I hoped to be a productive afternoon. My sister-in-law had contacted me earlier in the week about her middle son reading the story Letters from Felix in school. Each child was sending Felix to someone far from them to get information about their area and her son wanted to send his "Felix" to Brady. So Saturday we took Felix bowling. I wanted to take him miniature golfing but Hubby didn't want to have to drive 45 minutes one way to the place after having spent all week in his truck, not that I blame him. So bowling it was. The kids had a blast, and I got beat both rounds that we played. Our local bowling alley was bought out a few years back, remodeled and renamed. While the entire place wasn't completely remodeled, the owners did take the time and effort to install new electronic score keeping. They also installed bumpers for the kids that is run on hydraulics and can be set up through the computers. Once we set up all of the names on our game, we let the employees know which ones we want bumpers on and they automatically come up along the edge of the lane on the kids turns. The kids are happy without gutterballs and we are happy that we don't have to have bumpers to play with our kids!

We were also going to go by the local park on Saturday afternoon, but by the time we got there, a birthday party was in full force and there were kids everywhere. This park is a new park, so playground equipment is limited and we chose to bring them back another time. And we went home. Belle skated, while Bryce and Brady played football with Hubby. The neighbor's child spent the night on Saturday night with Belle. After approving the sleepover, Belle informed me that she had to be home by 8:30am so she could go to church with her grandmother. Great. That meant I had to be up by 7:30 in order to fix breakfast so she didn't go home hungry. I sent the girls to bed about 11pm. Hubby and I went to bed about 12am and I opened the door and told them it was late and that they needed to sleep. By the time I looked the clock the last time at 1am, the girls were still up giggling.

Zeus woke me at 5:30 Sunday morning and, of course, I never went back to sleep. So I got up, fed the girls breakfast, got neighbor girl off to her house and went back to bed at 8:30. Then got up with Hubby at 9:30. We finally went for a paper around noon and what I saw at the convenience store stunned me. Hubby pulled up and went inside for the paper while the kids and I sat in the car and waited. Church was letting out so it was busy, one of the two registers were down and he was slow getting out of the store. As I sat in the van, another car pulled up in front of the building. A younger girl got out of the driver's seat and walked around the backside of the car. I noticed that she had a car seat and an infant seat in the back of her car but from the way she was parked I couldn't tell if the kids were actually in the car. She got to the passenger side of the car when her boyfriend, spouse, significant other, friend, whatever, got out of the passenger seat. He turned around and faced her as she calmly said something to him when he reached up and slapped her. I was stunned as I watched her, and she seemed just as stunned as I was. It took what seemed like forever as things sunk in and she looked at him before raising her hand to her face then bursting into tears. Then I questioned what I could do. I couldn't call for police because I had forgotten my cell phone at home and Hubby was still in the store. There was no way I was getting out of the car because both of them knew that I saw what went on. But then I questioned whether or not the police would be able to do anything. Would it be a domestic disturbance because they were possibly involved or would it be battery because he hit her in a public parking lot? Neither one of them walked into the store after that altercation. Both of them climbed back into the car, him complaining and her crying. I saw them for a second at an intersection as we drove past them, her still crying and holding her face, but have not seen them again. I'm still not sure what I should've done in that situation and I hate myself for not doing anything.

Sunday afternoon, we watched as storms passed over bringing in another cold front. The kids played outside a bit before the storms hit and managed to burn off a bit of energy. They burned off so much energy that while they were outside the power kicked off. It had been off for half an hour before Belle walked through the house and asked if it was off. It had been off for 45 minutes when Brady finally realized that it wasn't on. While it was off, Hubby and I got to watching some clouds we didn't like. We have a weather radio but the batteries were down and since there was no power, it wasn't running. I love my weather radio. I love to know what's going on as soon as it's put on the air waves. I hate the fact that if the power kicks off, that radio will burn through 4 AA batteries within 24 hours. Anyhow. Hubby went off to get batteries for the radio, batteries that were eventually not needed because the power came back on before he returned. So he came home, we had supper and he started getting ready to leave again. About 7, as he was getting the last of his things together, I started going through the motions of a mental checklist. Got your phone? Wallet? He had his phone but could not find his wallet. We went through this house 5 or 6 times looking for it everywhere. I even pulled laundry out of the washer to see if it had fallen off the sink and I grabbed it with the laundry by mistake. Nothing. When Hubby finally left, we still had not found his wallet. I dropped him off, came home and searched again, through the same places for the darn thing. Nothing.

This morning, I got up, changed my clothes, dressed the kids and headed off to Lowes, the last place Hubby knew he had his wallet. At the front desk, I asked if someone had found or turned in a wallet. The girl that was working the closest register, told the girl behind the desk where to find it since she was the one who found the wallet and turned it in to management. They handed me his wallet, still intact, with everything where it should be. And then there was a sort of relief. Yes, we have his wallet, in my possession and nothing was missing, but he is still on his way to New York with no drivers license, no medical release card, no business card if he should have to stop and purchase fuel instead of getting it from his company terminal. Makes for a long couple of days until he gets home.

I had taken a few pictures of the cats over the last few weeks that I had forgotten to share so I will do that tonight as well. Callie has been playful as ever here lately. Bryce had left some clothes at a friend's house a few weeks back and the friends mother dropped them off in a Wal-Mart sack, folded nice and neat after she had washed them. I found Callie curled up on them a day or so later.Then Belle found her playing around in her bedroom in the mess she had on the floor at the time.Zeus was not about to be outdone so last week, I watched as he climbed onto my counter, my microwave and then up on top of my refrigerator.While he sat on his perch, Callie was watching from just a few feet away in her bed/fish tank. So I have now survived the first real day of spring break, the first day that wasn't the weekend and posted a couple of weeks worth of pictures. The kids couldn't go outside today, because wouldn't you know it, the first real day of spring break brought snow, sleet and rain. And it went on almost all. day. long. I even babysat for my neighbor this evening, fixed a decent supper (that I usually cook on Monday) and got everyone to bed. Tomorrow, I've got to find something better to occupy them, interest them. But that requires sleep first. So until next time...

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Ladybird said...

Wow! What a busy couple of days. My cat sits on top of the refrigerator too. This drives EC crazy and he talks to her the entire time telling her to come down. Well, actually he says, "ddaarkdaddddaaaammar" which is baby talk for "get off the fridge and play with me."