Thursday, December 6, 2007

11 Years Ago Today

I can remember how nervous I was. Mostly because I hated being in front of a crowd. There wasn't that many guests but it was still too many. Daddy walked me down the aisle, where Hubby waited with one of his best friends and my brother, all in tuxes. My two closest friends were standing up for me in dark teal dresses. They carried a single white rose. I was excited, finally getting married, but ready for it to be over with. Three months of planning and decisions were too many. Too many dresses to choose from, too many flowers, too many cakes. We said our vows and lit the unity candle. Of course, it didn't go off completely trouble free. The person working the music forgot to start the track for us to move to light the unity candle. It finally clicked and the ceremony continued, but not without a laugh. The ceremony and reception were short. We cut the cake, threw the garter and bouquet, and went for pictures. So many pictures, my face was sore after we were finished. Many believed we wouldn't survive the first year together. Three kids and a few trials later, we made it to our eleventh anniversary and I wouldn't change a thing. Happy Anniversary, Baby! I love you!


Ladybird said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

M said...

I hope you have many many more happy years