Monday, December 17, 2007

This and That

This is what I awoke to this morning. Frost had covered everything within sight. We had a chance for snow this past weekend and unfortunately all we had was enough flurries to collect in the corner of my french doors for me to see it. Not even enough to call a dusting. This morning's frost looked more snowy than the snow did.

I love getting up and finding frost like this, simply because the kids are amazed by it. They get out in the yard and drag their feet through it, melting it so that they leave tracks behind them. They talk about how it looks like snow and how they want to play in it. "T" left tracks down the driveway as he took a shortcut through the yard to the bus.

I had errands to run this morning. I had to run Hubby to his truck on the north end of town so that he could get to sleep before his co-driver got to the truck to leave. I failed to notice how beautiful the frost was at that point. I guess I was still too groggy. Then I had to run to the town east of ours. At that point, looking at the fields with new grass or hay, I finally noticed how beautiful the frost was with the sun shining across it, sparkling like diamonds. On my way home I got to enjoy the rich color of that same grass, as the sun melted the frost and it added color to the bland winter surroundings. I enjoyed it so much that I actually missed my turn to come home and had almost made it to the next community before I realized it.

I also found myself disappointed this morning. The holidays always remind me that people can really show their rudeness during this time of year. This morning was no different. I found myself following a tractor this morning. Odd for December, but he was hauling a device that looked like it was filled with grain. That "trailer" he was hauling was so wide, that it covered 3/4 of the street when he was completely on it and had enormous floater tires on it. So I patiently followed, waiting to see where he went and hoping he turned off soon, because eventually I was going to tire of driving 10 miles an hour. At one point, we came up to up a bridge that he was going to have to almost block in order to get across. Up until he got to the bridge, he had been weaving in and out, avoiding mail boxes, so that the traffic could get past him. As he got to the bridge, there was no traffic there, but a couple of cars coming towards him with enough time to stop and wait for him to cross the bridge safely before coming across themselves. That would've made to much sense. After he had already made it onto the bridge, the first car made it to the bridge. Instead of stopping, she proceeded to slowly drive across. The gentleman driving the tractor had to completely stop in order to let the car pass to minimize the risk of sideswiping the car. Seeing the closeness of the car to the tractor was also not enough to stop a second car from pulling the same stunt. I guess she assumed that if the first car can make it, so can she. A little of patience could've saved everyone a little less worry.

This is the kids last week of school before the holidays. Their parties are on Thursday and they have Friday off. I wish I could say that this week will be an easy one, but it won't be. "K" and "S" both have ball practice tonight, and all 3 children have practice tomorrow. Thursday is the Christmas music program at the school, so I will be attending that as well. Friday has "T" with practice again. Another busy week before the quiet non-practice time starts with the holiday vacation. I hope your week isn't as busy as mine.

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