Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Duo

I was very proud of the kiddos today! They did a wonderful job at their program! I'm putting up a couple videos, the first one being part of the solo's of "T"'s performance (saving you three minutes). He is the second soloist. I'm also putting up "K"'s dance that her and 13 other kids performed. It was a very cute routine! I didn't put up video of "S" for a couple of reasons. First reason was that he was too far away to record well since he didn't have a solo or dance routine and second because I've already put up video of his violin performance and now they've all had video time. They are now out of school for the next eleven days (Lord, help me). True to form, this morning's performance was packed, but not near as packed as this afternoon's performance. The school called me this afternoon saying that "T" was complaining of a stomachache but not running a fever. I got up there, just before his class was to sing and talked him into singing for his performance so that his music teacher didn't have to find a replacement for his solo. I figure it was a mixture of nerves and sinus's since he is now home and doing fine. We stuck around and enjoyed "S" and "K"'s second shows and I brought them home about 45 minutes early. Enjoy the videos!

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Ladybird said...

I still cannot get over how much "K" looks like you at that age! It is like a mini-me! They both did a GREAT job in the vidoes!