Thursday, December 27, 2007

Keeping the Beliefs Alive

We've been busy this year, especially "T", with all of the things that kids believe in. Of course, Santa made his rounds this year, but the tooth fairy made quite a few appearances this year as well. As recently as last night, since "T" just lost his 6th tooth, his 5th tooth this year. She was nice enough to bring him a whole $1.50 for his tooth but looks like she was really busy last night. Not only did she bring him money, but she brought him a new permanent tooth to fill in the gap on the bottom, a tooth he lost a few months ago.

The kids enjoyed a wonderful Christmas! They were real excited to find that Santa had brought them a new trampoline and had the elves set it up. I later found out that one of the elves must have been smoking because there were cigarettes all over the backyard according to "T". Memaw and Papaw outdone themselves with a camera for "K", a toy guitar for "S" (supposed to teach you how to play), and walkie talkies for "T". Kiddos also got watches from mom and dad, a chalkboard each, as well as two webkins apiece. They were very happy overall and it was a very enjoyable day.

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