Thursday, December 20, 2007

Busy Day

The crew has a busy day today. Today is their last day of school for this year. They are having their Christmas party and exchanging gifts as well as eating all of the cookies, candy, cupcakes, chips, dip, and who knows what else they can get their hands on (according to "K").

They are also performing their Christmas music program today as well. Since they were dressed for the occasion, I took a quick picture before rushing them out the door for school. "K" will be receiving a red vest at school for her performance, as she is a "candy cane dancer" and the teacher is supplying the vest. I'm excited to see them perform today, because "T" has a solo and "K" is dancing. They are having two shows today, one this morning and one this afternoon to ease crowding of previous years and let me tell ya crowding is an understatement. The crew's school is one of three new schools in this county that was completed 3 or 4 years ago. They assumed that because it was an elementary school that the need for decent gym seating was not necessary. WRONG. For basketball games, you have a choice of three levels of bleachers to sit on. Granted they run the length of the gym, but considering the size of parents and add to those parents any siblings and grandparents and that leaves absolutely no room to move. They totally underestimated the number of parents that would come to support their children during performances. For last year's Christmas program, they brought out the bleachers to their full capacity, set up chairs in front of those bleachers and still had people standing on the sides. I was one of those people standing. I had just finished eating lunch with "S" and didn't get the opportunity to go to the gym early for a seat like I usually do. It was after the 2nd grade performed that I got the chance to sit down, after some of the parents of the younger children left to return to work. The kids in the school watches the entire program the day before (yesterday) so they are not in the gym for the parents show unless they're singing. Otherwise, parents wouldn't be able to fit in anywhere. They're hoping that having two shows will ease the problem, and I'm attending this morning show so we'll see how it goes.

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