Monday, December 10, 2007

Science Fair Hoopla Meets Office Products

Today was the kids school first annual science fair and my oldest two had to participate. As in required to participate. Yes, I realize how lucky I am for this to be the first annual and if I'm really lucky it will be the only science fair we endure (unfortunately, the raving that went on at the awards ceremony hints at another fair next year). I hated science fairs growing up, because I never knew what kind of experiment to perform, which always lead to a mediocre experiment. Hubby was no help in the matter. He took the 0 grade rather than participate. Ummm, not going there.

I fought with "K" last week to work on her project. She opted to run outside and play with the neighbor instead. "S" worked on his, so most of his physical work was finished. He just needed to work on the display board. Last night I was helping "K" with her board by putting two-sided tape on the back of her work and giving it to her to place on construction paper when she realized she had never seen this tape before. She studied it, touched it and asked about it. She was amazed by it (really should've use it as a science experiment). She informed me that it was cool! I've already instilled the importance (and coolness) of office products into at least one of my children!

This afternoon was the awards ceremony, which neither kid placed, but were told about the BIG science fair at the local college. Daughter could care less but "S" really wants to go. I'm hoping he forgets about it before it actually arrives.

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Ladybird said...

My favorite science fair project was one that I did about landfills. It was EXTREMELY easy and I am sure that you have all the resources right there at your house. I won first place. Birddog's cousin did it last year and she won too. Next time you need a project idea, shot me an email and I will explain everything to you.