Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bells are Ringing

I sit here and wonder what have I got to say that is blog-worthy today. I think that nothing has really happened today. Of course, I had a typical day with the kids and there is always those sweet moments that happen. A big hug from Brady because he woke up in a good mood. Working peacefully with Belle to complete her homework. Seeing the excitement on Bryce's face because a new friend gave him a call. We didn't get any more ice last night and what we did have melted when everything changed over to rain before sunrise so the kids went to school today which is always a good thing. According to the schools website, they will already be completing school two days later this year than scheduled because of ice and Ike.

I was going about my normal day when I received a call from the fill-in nurse at the kids school. Brady was "hearing bells" behind his right ear. She asked him if it was hurting, to which he answered no but she felt I needed to know about the complaint. Nothing was said about it when he got home this afternoon so I assume it is no longer ringing.

All three kids had some sort of practice today. Brady had basketball practice and Belle had strings rehearsal immediately after school. Bryce had to be back at the school at 5:30 for basketball practice. I dropped him off, brought Brady and Belle back for showers (Belle for homework) and went back to the school for the end of practice. Now they are all in bed for the night, hopefully sleeping for another busy day tomorrow.

What are the odds that all three kids have all four games at the same school this weekend? I don't know either but words can't describe the relief I felt when Brady's coaches let me know that his game is at the same school as Belle and Bryce's games. Not only are they at the same school, but they are at a school 15 minutes from home. Not bad.

I've noticed lately that I'm having a hard time focusing on what I'm discussing. I'm not sure what has caused this but if I've talked to you lately and this has happened my apologies. I'm working on focusing. Hopefully tomorrow I will do better.

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janjanmom said...

"Working peacefully with Belle to complete her homework."

Definitely blog-worthy!!!

Glad you have had a good day and I am thrilled for you that games are located as they are.