Monday, January 5, 2009

Hot and Cold

The kids had a successful first day back. The boys came home with homework, sat down and finished it as they walked through the door. Belle had basketball practice after school and no homework except to read. They each said they had a good day and was excited to be able to see their friends again. Because they are still making up days from the ice storm in December, the first semester doesn't actually end until later this week allowing them extra time to meet reading goals and such. Hopefully report cards will come in on Friday.

Speaking of ice, it has been coming down again this afternoon and parts of my yard have now got a fine layer over it. The road, driveway and sidewalks are a teeny bit slick. Things that can be moved such as Hubby's pickup and the kids trampoline are covered with ice. While it isn't doing anything now, only time will tell if the kids will be out of school tomorrow. Unfortunately, the forecast has been up and down all day to the extent of what we will see. At first, it was just rain. Then we were placed under a winter weather advisory that expired at 6 only to be reinstated at 6:30. Next, we were to get freezing rain part of the evening and night for the temperatures to climb above freezing to rain. Now they are saying that we could have freezing rain and sleet all night to change over to rain sometime tomorrow. I hate the waiting game involved. I hate the fact that I will wake tomorrow morning at 5:30 only to watch the news and see if schools are in session. Because I wake up so early, they will be in and I will have to get up and get them ready when all I want to do is sleep.

Hubby and I are at odds when it comes to the temperatures in the house. If he is hot, I'm freezing. Last Thursday and Friday, the temps were up in the 60's here. That means by bedtime, the house is a little warm unless we have opened a couple of windows. The heat was still on in the house because evenings were getting down into the 40's. Hubby was complaining about being stuffy Thursday night after we had gone to bed so we opened the window over our bed. Minutes later, I heard a noise and lifted my head.

"What?" asked Hubby.

"I heard something." Either he didn't hear me or he didn't hear the same thing I heard because he didn't respond. So I laid back down on my pillow while my mind wandered about the guy standing outside our window with a gun because I'm funny that way. A few minutes later, I heard the noise again. This time I sat up in bed and turned on the light. Hubby looked up at me and asked the same question.

"I heard it again." Then I heard it again. This time I looked in the direction of the noise to find Callie's paws reaching under our door playing with a ring seal off a gallon of milk. Callie is playing under our door and I just knew it was someone with a gun peeking through our window. And that is why I don't sleep with the windows open when Hubby isn't home.

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