Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Randomness

I finally got Brady's picture with Santa scanned so that I could share it. Bryce and Belle decided that they didn't want their pictures taken this year. Brady had just had his hair cut five minutes before this was taken so you can actually see those beautiful eyes. Also, my parents bought this cabinet for me for Christmas a few years ago.
It's been sitting on my dresser for the last five years (since we bought the house) waiting for Hubby to put it up. He finally did so this weekend. Notice the thick layer of dust on the glass shelf. My reasoning was since it was not being used, why should it be cleaned? Now I just have to rid it of the inch of dust before I start using it.

Our New Years eve was uneventful. So uneventful that kids went to bed around their regular bedtime because they were tired. Bryce was especially tired since he had practiced ball for two hours that afternoon. Hubby and I had turned off the tv and retired for the night by 11:30. Full of excitement we are.

Saturday, we had to be at my former elementary school at 8:30 for the first of four basketball games at three different schools. Someone in the athletic administration decided for one reason or another that the kids could play eight games in seven weeks so each team will be playing two games in one day at some point this month. Bryce started us off with a game at 9 at one school and then another game at 2:50 at a different school. Brady played at noon at the first school while Belle played her game at 2:50 at a third school. Since we had already gotten to see Bryce play first thing on Saturday, Mom and Dad took him to his second game while we escorted Belle to hers. Both boys won their games while Belle's team put up a really good fight. Next week, she will play two games in one day, both at the same school. Bryce's game will be at that same school as well and I'm waiting until Tuesday to find out when and where Brady's game is. I can only hope that it's not overlapping one of the other games.

My neighbor called me just as we were walking out of Belle's game Saturday and asked if I could babysit for her while she and her hubby attended a benefit concert. The sitter she had lined up didn't work out so I to her to bring him over. In order to have the house ready for a crawling one, Hubby went to work and stored all of our Christmas bins in the attic to get them out of the living room. Can't say he hasn't been working on his honey-do-list since coming home Wednesday. The baby was great. He played his heart out, ate a bit of supper with us and then went to sleep about a half hour before he was picked up.

The kids head back to school tomorrow and I can only say not a moment too soon. You know when they are ready for their usual structured lives when they start arguing at 7am over something trivial. And? They have been averaging going through a gallon of milk per day! Tonight I made sure that they were ready to go. Clothes have been packed for an after school practice, backpacks are ready for the bus in the morning, their outfits have been decided and I personally have sharpened an entire package of pencils so that they each have pencils to start the year with. Now if they could only keep up with them.

Are you ready to get back into the grind now that the new year is here?

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