Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Puppy Love

It amazes me how young kids are when they start picking on each other about how they "like" someone or that someone "likes" them. We went through it with Bryce when a little girl in his class fell for him. Belle is the one that gets defensive and cries if you ask her about who she likes or if someone tells her that so and so likes her. Brady wears his feelings on his sleeve. He has fallen for a little girl that he's known the past couple of years. His feelings really progressed when her cousin moved into the house next door and she would be there while they were moving in or visiting. Just before Christmas, he decided he wanted to give her a ring. While I didn't discourage it, but I didn't encourage it either. I just hoped it would go away on it's own. When he got his rock polishing kit for Christmas, he figured he had hit the jackpot. Not only did it come with the rocks, the tumbler and the essential "tools" for the job, but it also came with earring settings, key chains and a couple of ring settings. He knew right away that he was going to make her a ring with his kit. After listening to that polisher run for days on end, Hubby declared that his rocks were finished. Brady picked out the perfect stone and glued it to the ring.
He has been waiting, a little impatiently I think, for tomorrow. Tomorrow is her birthday and the day he plans to leave it sitting on her desk. My little sweetheart.

Unfortunately, what Brady doesn't know is that her dad has taken a job in another part of the state. She will be moving with her mother and brother at the end of the school year to join him. We haven't told him (we just found out this weekend) because I'm not real sure the girl knows herself.

Would you tell him (assuming she knows about the move) or would you wait and let him find out from her?

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