Friday, January 23, 2009

They Don't Go

I've always said that Belle was more observant than I ever was when it comes to clothing, something she gets from Hubby's side of the family. Tonight, she proved me right, yet again. We were browsing through the mall when a trio of girls walked past us. Of course, being in the mall, they were wearing slinky little dresses that had no straps or spaghetti straps and just enough fabric to come above the knee in bold colors. After they had passed us and were no longer in sight, Belle says, "Those shoes didn't go with that dress."

I just looked at her. I saw the dresses. I noticed that one girl had pink undertones in her hair. I never even looked past the dress as I'm guessing the sheer length of it caused me to go into convulsions. A short time later, we past the trio again. Two of the girls decided to wear their dresses with low top Chucks. And slinky dresses. Trying for a new look, they were. And Belle was having no part of it! Neither was I.

We stopped by Sears and picked up a top for each of the kids. Belle is in love with Bobby Jack clothing and the more attitude the saying has, the more she likes it. She does not get that from me. Ahem. She finally settled on an orange hoodie that says "Don't burst my bubble." Bryce picked up a grey and black striped hoodie and Brady picked up a black top that zips. New clothes is always exciting for kids!

On the way home tonight, the radio was running as usual. I cannot be in a vehicle without some sort of musical entertainment. I found a great song and a few seconds later, Hubby and I heard Brady singing along quietly. This is the first time we've caught him. We've caught Bryce and Belle before. It was fun while it lasted.

I'm off to load the washer and dryer so that everyone has their appropriate basketball attire tomorrow. So far, we are up to five games. Bryce is playing in a tourney that was questionable because of other situations. His coach was supposed to call and let parents know if he was going to participate. He didn't. I found out this afternoon that our four game Saturday and five game weekend has now been changed to an at least five game Saturday and six game weekend. We'll see what else tomorrow brings.

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janjanmom said...

I hope you enjoyed and survived GAME day!!