Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Drove in the Snow!

Not too long ago, I was supposed to go pick up Hubby at his truck. I knew he was on his way home the night before, and I warned him that we were scheduled for ice. When he called and let me know he was in, he warned me it was slick, that he had drove into the ice a couple of hours before. When I stepped outside, my heart jumped to my throat. There was ice everywhere. I eked down my driveway and eased to a stop at the end of my street. I crept out onto the main highway and started up the hill but when I hit my accelerator, I spun. So I drove up the hill at 10 miles an hour. Less than a quarter of a mile down the street, a truck had hit another car and a concrete block "house" where garbage cans were kept. I was easing my way down the hill when I found another SUV had spun off the road into a yard. So I did the only thing I knew to do. I called Dad. And I called Hubby and told him Dad was coming and I was going home. Then I pulled off onto a side road (that connected to mine) and drove home at a whopping 10 miles an hour. I was terrified and didn't relax until I knew that both Hubby and Dad were safely home. The ice melted a few hours later.

Tuesday, I had to take Belle to the dentist. When I got up, the area had been dusted with snow but the roads were drivable. The buses were running and they went to school like normal. I left just before 9 to get Belle from school. The main highways could be cleared by the draft of a large vehicle. Back roads were starting to get a little slick. I drove to the bank and slipped up the hill into the parking lot. I eased out onto the main road and stopped for gas. My tires spun even though I eased out of the parking lot to get moving. I took the parkway (for those that know the area) to the town where the dentist is located. And I cringed the minute I pulled onto the ramp. It was covered the entire length down. So I coasted and eased onto the highway. Now the highway itself honestly wasn't bad. There had been plenty of big trucks roll through that kept the snow pretty clear in the right hand lane. So I drove 20 miles to the exit I needed and eased onto the off ramp. The rest of the drive to the office was uneventful as I eased onto a back road for a block and into the parking lot. An hour and a half later, the roads were clear as if they had never been covered with snow to start with. And I breathed a sigh of relief and drove back to town. Normally.

Belle's dentist appointment. I can't say it went well because we went in for a cavity that was bothering her. She did a wonderful job. The tooth with the cavity is a baby tooth. X-ray showed that the permanent tooth is coming up underneath the baby tooth and it won't be long before the tooth would be ready to come out. Then the dentist mentioned that the baby tooth had a root on it that probably would not fall off on it's own and chances are they would eventually pull it. So we had the option of pulling the tooth or fixing it. Belle opted to fix it. So they did. She later admitted to Hubby that she was afraid she'd scream when they pulled it because it wasn't loose yet and wasn't ready to come out. She's feeling better now that her tooth has been fixed and the swelling has gone down. Maybe she'll stop sneaking food at bedtime.

Hubby got to come home today for a few hours. He was in Missouri (couple hours away) and had to be in Tennessee tonight which left him time to stop at home in between states. We filed our taxes (without the kids, huge accomplishment), went for lunch, and bought some dog food. The kids got to see him after school and he got Brady from basketball practice. We took him back to his truck this evening and he should hopefully be home tomorrow.

Sorry for the ramblings tonight. I just explained to Hubby it seems like things are going in to my head and coming back out jumbled. Is everything here coherent?


janjanmom said...

Coherent for fellow moms is different than for the rest of the world. We read you loud and clear.

And coherent.

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