Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweetness and More

Hubby didn't get home until Saturday evening, so I spent seven hours at a school with three-four kids watching basketball games. How do I end up with three to four kids? One of our neighbor's children played the game immediately after Belle's first game and asked if she could stay with us and watch Belle play. So she stayed over half the day with me for all the fun. Needless to say, my backside was sore when I got home. I'll spare you the details of the games except for the fact a question that is game related. Did you know that girls teams do not commit fouls during the entire course of a day? No? It was news to us, too. Especially by the sound of my voice (and other parents) when I finally got to call it a day. I was hoarse.

Sunday was uneventful. I fixed pancakes for breakfast (amazing for this house) and we just kinda vegged most of the day. Sometime during the day, I turned around to see something along the lines of this:Brady was unconsciously rubbing his hand over the back of Hubby's head feeling of the stubble while Hubby played Wii for Brady. A few minutes later, I captured this picture: Here Hubby was playing a game on the gameboy for Brady that he was struggling with. Both of them were just enamored by this little electronic box.

We watched football yesterday as well. Growing up, my family didn't watch football unless I went to the high school game on Friday with the band. Even then I didn't actually watch the game. A few years ago, a group that I was involved with started doing NFL picks. And I joined in just to join. Then I started watching. And I started cheering. Now I am beside myself when the Titans play the Colts because I have to choose. But I can't choose because I love them both. I mean the Titans were the team I fell for when I first got involved because they're the "home team" for where I am. And they were good that year. They were decent this year. But then I started cheering for the Colts. And watching Peyton play. And now I'm a Colts fan as well. But both of them have lost in the playoffs and I'm left to find someone to cheer. It's not going to be the same. They're not my team.

Today, I sent the kids to school with spaghettios and mac and cheese in their lunches at their request. Belle and Bryce had ball practice after school. When I got there to pick them up, their teams were scrimmaging. I loved it when I watched Belle run one of the plays where she turned around and set a strong pick on her brother. It was one of those moves I would've loved to do to my brother when I played. Unfortunately, Belle complained about a sore throat yesterday and this afternoon she complained about an upset tummy. My fear is that she's coming down with something. Last year, she missed the tournament game at the end of the season because she had the flu. So this evening I picked up a couple of cans of oj to hopefully ward off any sickness with vitamin c. Hopefully it will work since she plays three games this weekend. One scheduled game and two other exhibition games raising money for another school in the county. Six games on one Saturday. It's going to be a busy day.

I got a link to this video today and loaded it up to see.

Hubby asked me if it was the Wonder Years or Life Goes On. So I told him no, it was the Doogie Howser theme and had him get up to watch the video. He shook his head as he watched it. A short time later, I caught him whistling the tune while packing to leave. Then he fussed at me for getting it stuck in his head. I do what I can. Wouldn't you?

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janjanmom said...

SNL was very funny with Doogie. However, all I could think about was his new "outness" and how I never suspected.