Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Those who grew up with me and come to my home know that I am not a housekeeper. I hate trying to keep the mess cleaned up, because no matter what I accomplish in cleaning is either soon demolished or another mess is in the making in another room. All this week and most last week, I have managed to keep the living room a pretty straight place. You can see carpet!! You can walk across the floor without the worry of tripping over a toy. You can sit on the couch without having to move a pile of clean laundry out the way, a pile that is impatiently waiting for me to put them away before the wrinkles set in. My biggest accomplishments came today, however.

Notice the window ledge between the living room and kitchen. Not a thing on it. It has not not had something on it since we bought this house almost four years ago. I'm unsure what to place on it now, for fear of the cat knocking something off of it. I can hear the shatter of beautiful vases and porcelain knick knacks when they hit the floor in my mind. Notice in that picture, the love seat that is void of that pile of laundry. All of it is folded and put away.

My mantle has been clean for a week or so now, since I put away my Christmas decorations. I had my DVD collection lined up across there previously, and I'm really not interested in doing that again. What lies ahead for the mantle is like the window ledge, completely up in the air.

Now my last two pictures speak for themselves. I've mentioned in a previous post my internet addictions, and my desk usually shows that addiction. More often than not, you can not see the dark grey top for the clutter of crap that has accumulated. Bills that have been paid and are waiting for me to file, bills that haven't been paid are waiting for me to write the check and my camera waiting for pictures to be downloaded. Let me tell ya, you would've been terrified of the dust bunnies that went running for cover when I removed the side of my CPU for a cleaning out. It was long overdue.

Now what these pictures do not show are the sheets that I changed yesterday thanks to Brady's soaking his sheets with sweat the night before. I can't change his and not change all of them so all four beds in the house have clean sheets. My living room has been completely dusted. Clutter should be wary, as I'm ready to throw a bunch of crap into the back of Hubby's truck for a trip to the dump.


Am I doing okay? said...

Hi Shorty Mom. Came via Joy Unexpected. Might be changin' your few to many.

Am I doing okay? said...

Congrats on the cleanliness. I know how difficult it is. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm really surprised you didn't get more comments from Joy Unexpected?!? Good job w/ the staff infection diagnosis.

And WHAT is w/ marking the plastic bags. Ugh!