Wednesday, January 2, 2008


According to Hubby, I make him sound like he doesn't do anything around the house. Apparently, he's missed some of my previous posts (understandably) that mentions that he is gone during the week and usually only has one or two days home on the weekend. While he does end up with a honey-do list, it is mostly because I get a wild idea that I would like to do but need his help (usually). Moving the boys beds was one of those ideas. I needed him to move their bunk bed because it is so heavy I can't move it an inch. Rearranging the living room is another one of those ideas but requires Hubby to climb under the house and move a cord so I have put that on the back burner. I was grateful for being able to go to bed one night, without any of the responsibilities that I do all week when he's gone. To have someone else put the kids to bed, because they almost always want Mom to do it when he's home. To not have to worry about locking the doors and turning off all the lights. It was nice to have a break.

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