Thursday, January 3, 2008

Slow Going and Proud Parenting

Today is a slow going day. After last night's tooth incident, I got the kids to bed and settled down into my time. Read - my computer time. I had to wait for Bryce to go to sleep so that the tooth fairy could sweep in and leave him treasure in exchange for one broken molar. He swears he heard her and I don't doubt that for a second seeing as he almost caught her! He turned over right after I put the envelope holding the money where he had left it. He sleeps on top bunk so I cringed as far as I could under the bottom so not to be seen and not disturb Brady. This morning he talked of how he heard a wing sound after I shut the door checking on them, so in reality I was busted, he just didn't know it. Sleep mixed up events in his mind so that he remembers them but not in the order they occurred. I got lucky!

Back to my original topic though, at one point during my computer time I got up and went to my room. I still had my shoes on where I had driven to my parents house and I went to brush my teeth to get ready for bed. I had Hubby on the phone, left my bedroom, only to step on one of Belle's many headbands. Headbands slide very well across wood floors, almost like roller blades. I went for a ride. I don't remember the events leading up to ending up on the floor but I do remember the stars I saw when my knee hit her bedroom door frame. The frame with 2x4's behind it. The frame that does not give. That frame. Eventually, I managed to get up, limp to the living room and remove my shoes so that I could finish getting ready for bed. I did my night time routine of letting the dogs out, shutting down the computer, checking the locks, and playing tooth fairy (no I hadn't done this yet, the noise of my falling was part of what stirred him before I got there). I changed clothes to find this enormous red mark on my knee cap and thought about the nice bruise I was going to have today. Sleep was not good. When I first laid down, I hit every position possible to find a place that it would stop hurting. Or not even stop hurting but to ease the pain that started when I got in bed. Eventually I just stopped moving and it finally stopped throbbing.

But I was cold. So cold I was literally shivering and my teeth chattering. Even with the electric blanket turned on and up to 2 (which I seldom have it higher than low). Have a fresh injury and a case of the shivers? I don't recommend it. It is very hard to let the rest of your body shiver and keep the injured limb from joining in. I finally dozed off well after 1am until about 3, only to doze again until the alarm went off. The electric blanket I had on 2?? It was what woke me at three when I realized I was starting to suffocate. But I didn't want to risk the pain in my knee so I sweat it out.

This morning I woke to find my knee swollen. It's not a terrible swelling but noticeable. I can walk on it gently, but I will not be doing any squatting any time in the near future. I can bend it just enough to take steps but anymore than that and it throbs. I put the kids on the bus and took a two hour nap, catching up on some that I missed last night.

Bryce also had to start his lunch last night, as he opted to take it today. He asked if he could take a carrot in his lunch, which is perfectly fine, but I told him he couldn't put it in his box until this morning. So I cut it up last night and left it in water so that I could pack it up this morning. He informed me that he was taking carrots instead of cookies today. I'm so proud! Not only did I not have any cookies anyway, but he made a healthy choice and wanted carrots instead. It's enough to make any parents heart swell.

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