Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Life with Kids and More

Living with the kids always leaves us with surprises. Bryce can't tolerate pain. He has amazing physical strength for a boy his age, but if he stumps his toe the world can come to an end. He's had a cracked baby tooth that was loose, but wouldn't let anyone pull it. Tonight, he bumped it with his toothbrush and it had to come out. I can not pull teeth. Uh no. So I told him to do it. No go. I asked him to let his sister do it (since she's pulled out most of hers). Nope. So I drove him 15 miles to let Papaw pull it. It came out in under 30 seconds.

Unfortunately, that threw my night completely off. I had Brady in the tub by 6pm. I told Bryce to get in at 6:30 (which led to the teeth brushing and so on.) It was after 8 before I got Belle to take a bath, and it had to be a bath because Brady had a bath. Then Bryce had to have a bath as well. While he was in the tub, I could hear him with a full wicked laugh. I went to the bathroom to get the cat because Zeus loves to play with water, but hates to be in it. Kids in the tub is the same as play time for him. I walk in the bathroom and found the cat in the middle of the floor with a wet tail. He never realizes that his tail is getting wet when it is hanging in the tub while he's sitting on the side. Not only is his tail wet, but he's running around in a circle chasing the darn thing trying to catch it. Bryce is laughing in the tub so hard that he slips backwards in the tub (he was sitting) and fell back into the water. He didn't go under water but that had him laughing that much harder. I finally grabbed the cat so that Bryce would finish his bath.

I have done well with my resolution to keep my patience today. I managed to hold onto it throughout the tooth incident. I didn't get to finish my laundry room though, mainly because I had to finish cleaning up the boys room where we rearranged last night at bed time. I got their room finished, including putting their clothes in their new chest we got last weekend. I did manage to clean off a shelf in my laundry room today, too, and loaded the stuff into a box to be put into the attic so the day is not a total loss. I got through three loads of clothes today, about to start my fourth, and I finished my dishes! I have a bad habit of leaving them in the sink until tomorrow but tonight after supper I loaded the dishwasher and finished washing the ones that wouldn't fit. I'm so proud of myself! I've kept up for two days, let see if I can make it three!

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