Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Addictions and Withdraws

I believe everyone has their addictions in life. Legal addictions that often go unnoticed by the addicted person. I have one such addiction that I admit to having. This plastic box is my addiction. This plastic box with it's (sometimes) well written words, beautiful imagery and occasionally good friends. Last night tried my addiction.

The high winds knocked out my internet.

Words cannot describe the disappoint at hand when I sat down to check the weather radar and found that my connection was no longer connected. I rebooted (knowing it was the local tower that does go out from time to time, especially during high winds). Nothing. I almost did what every addict does when facing a period of time without their crutch. I almost panicked. Almost.

What news am I missing out on? Which GOP candidate stepped down now (and I loathe politics!). Which blog has been updated? Which friend did I miss the opportunity to chat with?

I do realize that my addiction may not rival those such as drugs, alcohol, and nicotine and I didn't suffer physical pain from my withdraws, but my pride was hurt. I know that my complaints are nothing compared to the damage that was done around the area. I said my prayers of thanks when I heard about 26 trucks that were overturned by wind on I-55 in Missouri. Thanks that injuries were few and that my husband was not to be on I-55. I cringed when I heard about the roof coming off the local high schools new football stadium yesterday. The same football stadium that I had driven by minutes before the storms hit because I had to get Bryce from violin practice. The grain silo in Illinois that was shown as a twisted heap of metal on last nights news. So many reports.

Cooler head prevailed. I used my down time to be productive. I made my bed after changing my sheets. I crocheted more squares for my blanket, completed 3 and started a fourth. I worked on one of many crossword puzzle books that are lingering in this house unfinished. I like 5 puzzles completing the book. I read an old TV Guide donated to addicted readers like myself by a dear lady my mom cleans for (she gives them to Mom when she's finished with them and Mom finishes them and passes them along to me). I made plans of what I was going to do today when I got up. The beds that were going to be made, floors vacuumed and swept. Laundry washed and put away.

And even though shortly after I put the kids on the bus my connection was restored, I still completed my list of things that I wanted to do today. But after I took the time to read the news and blogs.

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Ladybird said...

Not only was our internet down, but our cable tv and the telephone lines! I was so bored that I reorganized a cabinet in the kitchen!