Saturday, January 26, 2008

When I'm Your Age

Today has been a day when nothing went as planned. Last night's forecast was calling for a chance of flurries and "possibly" freezing rain. This morning, I awoke to find a layer of ice covering the back side of my van, the side that was not protected by the carport. Belle was supposed to have a basketball game at 8:10am, meaning she was supposed to be there no later than 7:50. She spent the night with another child on her team and I was to meet them there. The day was cancelled as far as little league was concerned and we found out when we reached the school (her coach found out on his way there himself). Bryce's game this afternoon was also canceled. So we left just before noon to spend the afternoon with Memaw and Papaw.

Supper time rolled around and along with potatoes, green beans, and ham, Mom also fixed sauerkraut. Daddy tried to get Brady to taste it. We explained it was cabbage but Brady was having no part of it. Mom asked Daddy if he would eat it when he was Brady's age. So Brady proudly declared "Ok, I'll try it when I'm Papaw's age." Now if I can remember to have him try it in about 50 years.

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