Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baby Yearns

It seems like every where I go, here in my day to day life or on my computer browsing blogs, almost every woman is trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or just had a child. Except me. Okay, and a couple of others (but it feels like just me). Now, according to science and medicine, women right around my age begin hearing their biological clock ticking. So my question is, why is it that women who are already parents keep hearing that clock ticking well after they have children?

I have three beautiful (I'm not biased, by the way) children (as opposed to teens, toddlers, babies) and they are wonderful. They were born when I was young, long before I realized that I had a biological clock. Now I find myself oohing and aahing over itty, bitty clothes and shoes (did I mention I saw a size 2 sketchers for babies back before Christmas? Too cute!!), and babies themselves. I want one. I need one. I crave one.

This is no surprise to my darling Hubby, who rolls his eyes at me every time we pass a baby rack in Wal-Mart and I stop to point out this adorable little suit just calling my name. He was stunned when Belle was only two months old and I announced I wanted a third child. He was terrified when Brady was born that I would make the same announcement (if only I could have) and I probably would have. But then again, I was severly sleep-deprived the first year after he was born so I may not have.

There are plenty of people who think I'm nuts. I have three, self-sufficient children who are potty-trained, do not use bottles or sippy cups, and who can get up on a no-school morning and fix themselves a pop-tart or a bowl of cereal and eat it without having to wake an adult. There have been plenty of times that I have thought I was nuts for those same reasons. Bryce and Belle are over halfway to being able to drive a car (it's scary to admit that out loud). Brady will be halfway when he has his birthday this fall. Time moves so much faster when you have children, unlike when you are the child and you think you will never be old enough to have a job and a family.

So if any of you out there have a little one, and need a babysitter, break, nap, whatever, give me a call. I'd love to spoil, rock, kiss on, drool all over your little one for a while.


Ladybird said...

My ovaries rumble anytime I am within 500 feet of a baby. I have offered Tobi GOOD money for Ava, but she hasn't taken me up on the offer yet. People have stopped asking me WHEN we are going to have a baby and started asking IF we are going to have one.

Karen said...

I never had that baby craving so many have. In fact, I considered NOT having kids at all because I thought I should be craving babies! Until a friend reminded me that -- duh! -- they don't stay babies for long, and the only good reason to have babies is because you want to end up having a family of kids/teens/adults. I also happened to have the 3 most difficult babies in history, but they all turned out to be exceptionally easy kids -- so I just paid up front. ;-) I often wish I'd had 4, but there is no way I'm going through all that baby stuff again! I'm too old and tired, and too happy to be getting some of my old life back, little by little.