Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lingering Dreams

I almost had a child free night last night. Brady spent the night with a friend and Belle made last minute arrangements to spend the night with a friend of hers. So Bryce and I made the best of it. We went to KFC for supper and stopped by Wal-Mart before coming home. Since it was just he and I, ice cream seemed to be the perfect ending to a night of just us. We came home to watch some tv, with him controlling the computer a good part of the evening.

At 1 am, I received a call from Belle. She wanted to come home. I didn't ask questions, got directions to the house (I knew who had her and the child's grandmother lives a block over but she was at mom's house, about ten minutes away), and went to wake Bryce. Bryce is not a sound sleeper by any means. He hates the dark and was upset when I told him he couldn't sleep in my bed. As harsh as that sounds, he's ten years old and the last thing I need is a thrashing ten year old as big as I am in my bed. When I went in there to wake him, it didn't take much. He immediately sit up in bed while I explained Belle wanted me to come get her and I needed him to get up. He came down out of his bed, put on the clothes I gave him, all while talking like he had been having a complete conversation with me. A conversation that began in his dreams and I just received the end of it. Walking down the hallway, he proceeded to talk.

"Mom, why are squirrels called squirrels?"

"Ya got me, hun. Get in the car."

Now at the end of our hallway you have two options. You can walk straight into our living room or walk through a doorway into the kitchen leading to the carport. The boy was still so half-asleep, that even though I had told him to get in the car and having him put on his coat, he stilled walked into the middle of the living room and stopped.

"Bryce, car is this way."

"Oh, yeah."

I did manage to get him in the car, where he talked non-stop from the time we left until we got home and him back to bed. Belle is trying to come down with a sinus thing, I think, which led to a stomachache and her wanting to come home. She's missing a basketball game this afternoon in order to start feeling better, hopefully. Now to keep everyone else from catching it.

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