Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year in Review

Things have been typical of a household full of antsy kids so I decided to review last year, bullet style.


Bryce almost busted the toothfairy leaving his token for his tooth.

I was mistaken for a high school student while with Bryce.

I was encouraged to get a sledgehammer.

I admitted my addiction to the internet.

Hubby's truck went through a tornado.

Brady gave his thumbs up review.

The twins arrived.

I got a new look.

We acquired a Wii.

The Easter Bunny stopped by.

Brady gave me a unintentional April Fools Prank.

We had an earthquake.

♦ I realized that Mother's Day is a ploy to butter you up for summer vacation.

I admitted my addiction to caffeine.

♦ I let the kids go to my sister-in-laws house only to have punk rockers returned.

The kids, neighbor and I spent a day at the park.

We started digging for setting up a pool.

We went on vacation.

I got to see Ladybird.

I turned 31.

School started.

We adopted Callie (formerly known as Ernie).

I went swimming with my cell phone.

Gracie received a name.

Belle cheered at her first football game.

Brady turned eight.

Ike came by for a visit.

Bryce got stitches.

I got to meet EC.

Belle danced.

Belle turned ten.

Bryce turned eleven.

My stove died. On the day before Thanksgiving.

Callie found the Christmas tree.

I had a sleepover.

We had a talk with Bryce and Belle.

The kids spent three days out of school for ice.

We had a good Christmas.

We were busier than I realized. How has 2008 been for you?

1 comment:

janjanmom said...

Kids and pets make such good subjects for blog material, don't they??

I am thankful for the time you took to break down the year bullet style!! I am far to lazy for sucha an undertaking. I am enjoying getting to "know" you better.

Happy Blogging.